What is is a resource to help people learn about and choose a career in allied health. All of our guides are fully referenced and written by professionals in their respective fields.

As an educational organization, we are not sponsored by any specific university or degree program. That way, our information remains unbiased.

Allied Health

Why did start? was created with one goal in mind: to become a single hub for people that want to learn about careers in allied health.

Before, this information was scattered around the internet. You’d have to visit one site to learn about becoming a dietitian. And another website to learn how to become an EMT. Today, all of that information is found in one place. Here.


What makes unique?

Most of the content published on career websites is written by freelance writers who have never worked in the field.

While the information may be technically accurate, it lacks the context and nuance that you get from someone that’s actually gone through the program that they’re writing about.

That’s why we’re proud to say that 100% of our content is written by health care professionals in the field that they’re covering.

For example, if you read our guide to becoming an audiologist, you can be confident that the content was written by a practicing audiologist.

The same applies with our guides to becoming an EKG tech, nursing assistant, or any other career you find on That’s our promise to you.