Enrolling into Various Engineering Programs

A career in engineering can take many forms. Every field, however, relies heavily upon mathematics to design and discover effective resolutions to technical challenges. The work engineers perform bridges the gap between scientific innovations and the marketable applications that meet the needs of consumers and society.

Within the field of engineering are many specialty and sub-specialty fields. There are at least 17 main fields of engineering. Some of the more popular fields include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering

Engineering programs have been created to provide students with an educational background in general engineering principles and in their specialty field. Most engineers can enter the career with a bachelor’s degree. Research positions and many leadership positions require an advanced degree. When engineers provide services directly to the public, they must be licensed. Individuals who have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or one of the natural sciences may find employment as an engineer, but those individuals will often need to complete post-graduate studies in an engineering specialty field.

Engineering is one of the more flexible careers. Since so many fields of engineering are inter-related, a specialty degree in one area will often qualify the individual to work in other areas as well. Mechanical engineers, for example, will find ample opportunities to work as aeronautical engineers. The bachelor’s program generally includes a heavy course load in mathematics, introductory engineering, basic science, and social sciences. Other classes provide a concentration in one specialty area. A number of schools do not offer specialized training until graduate school.

As in other scientific and technical careers, engineers need to continue their education due to the ever increasing evolution of technology. Careers in some high-technology areas, such as information technology or biotechnology may discover that their skills become outdated quickly. To be more valuable to their employers, engineers must keep current in their fields. Falling behind may put engineers at a strong disadvantage when it comes to new employment opportunities or promotions within their current employment.

Engineers are most often employed in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. Petroleum engineers tend to garner the greatest salaries, followed closely by computer engineers. Engineering offers some of the highest salaries of any career fields.

To find the best jobs and to earn the most money, completion of engineering programs leading to a master’s degree is essential. A growing number of engineers have deemed that online colleges provide them with an excellent opportunity to further their education. The demands of an engineering career may make it difficult or impossible to attend traditional college classes. The online college is an innovative delivery format which allows students to work independently and on their own schedule. Without the demands of structured classes, students can complete and submit their assignments on a schedule that is both convenient and flexible.

Enrollment in online engineering programs has reached an all time high. Students can easily see the advantages offered by online colleges. While convenience and flexibility are often the most important reasons that students pursue advanced degrees through online engineering programs, there are other advantages as well. A number of programs provide students with the opportunity to complete their classes in an accelerated fashion. The cost of an online college education is generally less than the cost of a conventional college. The reasons for earning advanced degrees are numerous and the benefits of online engineering programs are plentiful.