Post-Graduate Teaching Programs

In most states, teachers graduating from an accredited school of education with a bachelor’s degree can teach in elementary and secondary public schools. A growing number of states, however, are requiring that all teachers hold a post-graduate degree. That trend is expected to continue. Almost all states and school districts require that teachers moving into administrative positions have a master’s level degree in an education related field.

With more and more states moving to implement merit pay programs, teachers are encouraged to further their education to be considered “highly effective.” Specialty areas like reading and math often require that instructors complete teaching programs and earn advanced degrees. Teachers who work with students with special needs or in other specialty fields often need a master’s degree.

Those outside of the teaching profession may believe that a teacher works a shortened work day, receives numerous paid holidays, and enjoys two or three months of uninterrupted rest and relaxation during the summer. Those working in the field of education know that this is simply not true. Late hours are spent grading papers, preparing lesson plans, conferencing with parents, and completing the dozens of other tasks that are assigned to teachers. Completing all of this extra work leaves teachers with little time to complete teaching programs that will lead to an advanced degree.

Modern technology has enabled almost any teacher to earn a master’s degree through a series of online studies. There exist a number of accredited online teaching programs that are tailor made for the busy teacher. The convenience and flexibility of online programs are necessary for busy individuals who need to balance the responsibilities of work and family with the demands of the pursuit of higher education.

Online students have nothing to lose by the electronic delivery format. They receive the same high quality education as students attending traditional colleges. The information is presented by highly qualified professors who are accessible through a variety of electronic formats. Both sets of students use the same textbooks and reference materials. Online colleges have vast electronic libraries and references available.

Teaching programs taught online are ideal for teachers who cannot or prefer not to commute to a stand-alone college. In the past, teachers working in rural or remote areas often had few options when it came to teaching programs taught by conventional universities. Since online classes can be taken anywhere through the online delivery method, physical locale is insignificant. These are just a few of the reasons that so many teachers are opting for online teaching programs when they want to further their education.

Let’s face it. Teachers will never get rich. That is not the reason they chose this profession. Rewards do present themselves in ways that are not monetary, and those reasons are important. However, with more education teachers can earn greater salaries. Most districts pay higher salaries to teachers with advanced degrees. To be eligible for an administrative position, or most positions in district offices, a master’s degree is required. Earning a master’s degree online is the best choice for most working adults. For convenience and flexibility, traditional colleges just cannot match online college teaching programs.